Learning Videos

It’s all about the pad

Doing the ‘pad round’ is inappropriate at the best of times. Even more so when the staff don’t engage with the patient.

Key Action Points

  • Approaching a person living with dementia needs to be done in a calm and measured way.
  • Conversations should always include the individual patient and be appropriate to the situation.
  • Intimate care needs to be conducted in a way that maintains the patient’s dignity.

You are what you wear

This short video shows how inappropriate clothing can impact on an individual’s dignity and right to personhood.

Key Action Points

  • People living with dementia often like to walk about, often without purpose.
  • Dressing people for the convenience of nursing staff is not appropriate.
  • Staff need to be mindful that people living with dementia still have a sense of self so be respectful.

Talking Heads

This short video depicts both men and women using terms for going to the toilet. It is designed to give insight into the many phrases, some of which can be seen as crude, that are used.

Key Action Points

  • There are many variations to describe this basic bodily function.
  • Some terms are not in common ‘everyday’ use; observe for non-verbal cues.
  • Some people living with dementia may use ‘inappropriate’ language; do not admonish them just clarify their need.